Parameter Symbol Value Units Notes
Select Bending Axis  
  Bending Axis X-X (Edgewise Bending, Load Applied to Narrow Face)
Bending Axis Y-Y (Flatwise Bending, Load Applied to Wide Face)
Applied Bending Moment M lbs-in  
Applied Tensile Force T lbs  
Member Properties        
Member Width b in  
Member Depth d in  
Net Cross-Sectional Area An in2  
Reference Tension Stress Parallel to Grain Ft psi NDS Supplement 2015
Reference Bending Stress Fb psi NDS Supplement 2015
Adjustment Factors        
Load Duration Factor CD   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.2
Wet Service Condition Factor (Tension) CM - Tension   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.3
Wet Service Condition Factor (Bending) CM - Bending   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.3
Temperature Factor (Tension) Ct - Tension   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.4
Temperature Factor (Bending) Ct - Bending   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.4
Beam Stability Factor CL   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.5
Size Factor (Tension) CF - Tension   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.6
Size Factor (Bending) CF - Bending   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.6
Flat Use Factor Cfu   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.7
Incising Factor Ci   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.8
Repetitive Member Factor Cr   NDS 2015, Section 4.3.9
Actual Stress        
Section Modulus About Axis of Bending S in3  
Actual Tensile Stress ft psi  
Actual Bending Stress fb psi  
Allowable Stress        
Allowable Tensile Stress Parallel to Grain Ft' psi NDS 2015, Table 4.3.1
Allowable Bending Stress without Stability Factor Fb* psi NDS 2015, Section 3.9.1
Allowable Bending Stress with Stability Factor Fb** psi NDS 2015, Section 3.9.1
Final Checks        
Combined Tension and Bending Check     NDS 2015, Equation 3.9-1
    If less than or equal to 1, then "OK". If greater than 1, then "NOT OK". 
Buckling on the Compression Face Check     NDS 2015, Equation 3.9-2
    If less than or equal to 1, then "OK". If greater than 1, then "NOT OK".