Structural Engineering Calculator to Analyze Wood / Lumber Members in Tension per NDS

April 10, 2018 Abdul Siraj, P.E.

Calculator Description

This online engineering calculator computes the actual tensile stress and allowable tensile stress for a wood / lumber member in tension according to the National Design Specification for Wood Construction

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Input Parameters

Member Width, b

Member Depth, d

Number of Bolt Holes, n

Bolt Hole Diameter, dh

Tensile Force, P

Load Duration Factor, Cd

Wet Service Condition Factor, Cm

Temperature Factor, Ct

Size Factor, CF

Incising Factor, Ci

Reference Tension Stress Parallel to Grain, Ft

Output Parameters

Net Cross Sectional Area, An

Actual Tensile Stress, ft

Allowable Tension Stress Parallel to Grain, F’t

Final Check

Reference Formulas

An = b*(d-n*dh)

ft = P / An

F’t = Ft*Cd*Cm*Ct*CF*Ci