Designing a Structural Frame to Replace a Load Bearing Wall for a Home in Houston, TX

August 30, 2017 Abdul Siraj, P.E.

Completion Date:

August 22, 2017



Private Home Owner


Project Location:

Hazelhurst Dr, Houston, TX 77043


Project Type:

Structural Engineering Design and PE Stamp of Drawing


Project Description:

Engineering Examples was hired by the owner of a residential, single-family home located at 10138 Hazelhurst Dr, Houston, TX 77043. The owner wanted to do a complete re-model of the home. Part of the re-model included removing a load-bearing wall between the kitchen and living room and replacing it with a structural frame. The frame consisted of a engineered, glulam beam spanning 20 ft and supported on each end by timber posts. Because the beam was greater than 16 feet in length, the City of Houston required the owner to get a drawing stamped by a registered professional engineer showing the proposed changes.


Engineering Examples calculated the loads acting on the proposed beam and column. The beam was checked for shear, bending, and deflection according to NDS 2012. The column was checked for compression parallel to the grain per NDS 2012. In addition to the beam and columns, we also designed the connection between the existing wood joists and new glulam beam, the connection between the new glulam beam and the new column posts, and the connection between the new column posts and the existing concrete floor. Lastly, we stamped the drawing, so the home owner could get approval from the City of Houston, receive the permit, and begin the re-modeling work.


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